The project

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Oakridge is a breath of freshness within the mountains of Faqra - Kfardebian, reflecting the image of a friendly low-density residential and leisure community comfortably settled into a natural hillside overlooking a vista of cascading slopes extending into the distant coastline.

A prestigious destination for all seasons, Oakridge offers a haven of spaciously distributed multi-residence units embraced by stretches of semi-detached units and culminating in a scattered arrangement of secluded single family units planted among the existing sculptured rocks at the tip of the cliff ridge that characterizes this unique site. The project is also home to an isolated mountain lodge intended to provide guests with a lifestyle of comfort in addition to high end accommodation, and the entire community with health and spa facilities within an environment of controlled animation, recreation, leisure and sport.

Master Plan

We truly care about our customers

Oakridge’s external architecture combines stone with warm wood, modern glass and bright brick roof tiles. The underlying result is an invitingly contemporary vibe accentuated by an unmistakable rural character. The slanted roofs play on different heights and positioning of windows and balconies prevent Oakridge from being uncreatively monotonous while preserving a feel that is uniquely Oakridge.